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In the fast-paced realm of finance, where innovation drives the evolution of banking services, the necessity for keen insights into consumer behavior has never been more apparent. As legacy financial institutions navigate the intricacies of introducing new products, such as credit cards, understanding the nuanced patterns of credit card usage becomes paramount. This brings us to the heart of our latest venture — the Credit Card Usage Analysis project. Beyond the realms of conventional banking, this analysis transcends routine data scrutiny, offering a profound exploration into the habits and preferences that underpin financial decisions. In an era where tailored financial solutions reign supreme, this project emerges not just as a statistical exercise but as a strategic imperative, a compass guiding the formulation of credit offerings that resonate with the diverse needs of our clientele. Join us as we unravel the significance and implications of this insightful journey into the dynamics of credit card utilization.

The Challenge

Mitron Bank, a legacy financial institution, aimed to diversify its product offerings by introducing a new line of credit cards. To validate the potential success of this venture, they approached us, AtliQ Data Services, to conduct a pilot project using a sample dataset.

Our Approach

Armed with MS Excel, Power BI, and DAX functions, our data analyst, Peter Pandey, delved into the intricacies of the provided dataset. The mission: analyze and provide actionable, data-driven recommendations to guide Mitron Bank’s strategy team.

Key Findings

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City Impact on Credit Card Usage

Surprisingly, our analysis indicated that the city of residence does not significantly affect credit card usage patterns. Users across different cities exhibited similar credit card behaviors.

Age as a Dominant Factor

Contrary to city effects, age emerged as a crucial determinant of credit card usage. The late 20s age group demonstrated higher credit card activity.

Spending Disparities Across Cities

Distinct spending patterns were observed among cities. Residents of Mumbai exhibited higher spending tendencies, while those in Chennai demonstrated more conservative spending habits.

Usage Categories and Demographics

The choice of credit card usage categories displayed notable associations with age groups and gender. Different demographics exhibited varying preferences in terms of transaction types and expenditure categories.

Professional Influence

An intriguing discovery was the prominence of salaried IT employees as avid credit card users, surpassing other professions in credit card utilization.

Transaction Insights

  • The amount of transactions made using UPI for food-related expenses closely matches the transaction amount made using credit cards.
    - Transaction amounts for health and wellness expenses using debit cards mirror those made with credit cards.
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For Target Audience

1. Align credit card features with bill payment benefits.
2. Design promotions with electronic retailers for electronics purchases.
3. Introduce cashback rewards for grocery store transactions.
4. Integrate travel benefits to attract and retain customers.

To Broaden Audience

1. Develop targeted marketing campaigns for the 21–24 age group.
2. Utilize diverse communication channels to engage with the expanded audience.
3. Introduce credit card features catering specifically to the health and wellness needs of the 45+ age group.

Converting Other Payment Types

  1. Optimize rewards for food-related expenditures on both UPI and credit card platforms.
    2. Implement wellness-focused benefits for users of both debit and credit cards.
    3. Communicate the versatility of your financial products, promoting the seamless transition between UPI, credit cards, and debit cards.

Explore the comprehensive details of our analysis in my Github repository and witness the power of data in shaping the future of finance.


In the ever-evolving landscape of finance, data-driven insights are the key to success. Our Credit Card Usage Analysis project not only uncovers patterns and behaviors but also provides a roadmap for strategic decisions. As we move forward, the integration of these findings into Mitron Bank’s credit card offerings promises a tailored and impactful solution for their diverse customer base.

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