Types of Databases being used by top companies in 2021.

#5 Wide-columnar by Google Cloud BigTable.

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Databases are one of the key factors in the IT Industry. Many companies are working on developing different types of databases for different use cases. There are many job fields in databases. Databases are mainly used to store data. Developers select suitable databases according to their needs. So here in this article, we will talk about different types of databases that are used by developers in the modern world.

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Relational Databases

Relational databases are the most popular database type used in software development. Relational databases have their own advantages and drawbacks over others. In relational databases, we use a table-like structure to store data. The primary key is used to identify the data uniquely. We should define the schema at the creation of the database. Bad cost control is the main drawback. Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, and MySQL are some popular examples of relational databases. Relational databases are suitable for transaction programs like e-commerce platforms.

Document Databases

A document database is also called a Nosql database or semi-structured database. With the exponential growth of data in the modern world handling the data in relational databases is not at all easy.

To store the data and to train these modules you need databases that can provide more functionalities and abilities than relational databases. So Document databases came into the picture to provide the solution. In the document type database, we do not need to define the schema. The database has the ability to can create the schema according to the data. Sometimes quarrying the data in the document database can consume more time than relational databases. Document databases can use for content management Applications. MongoDB ,MarkLogic ,OrientDB are some examples for document databases .



Key-value is the simplest NoSQL database. This database uses a dictionary to store data and to draw graphs. Because with the use of key and value pairs identifying the points in the graphs became much easier. This database type had many issues at the start. But now with the use of cloud technologies, key-value databases are handier than other databases. Amazon dynamo, MemcacheDB, and Voldemort are some examples of key-value databases.



This is a new type of database. This uses graph structure with semantic quarries. This is not more popular as others but heavily used in social media networks. In this database, we need to connect nodes in the database with other nodes. Maintaining and working in graphs can be tricky but this is very useful. In graphs, data cannot be retrieved by querying. You need to use special traversal technologies to access data in the Graph databases. JanusGraph and NebulaGraph are examples of graphs.



This is the newest database type and was founded by Google Big Table. You need good working experience with relational databases and NoSQL databases to work with wide columnar. The names and the format of rows can vary and a wide columnar database can be interpreted as a two-dimensional key-value database.


In this article, we explored on types of databases used in this modern world. Having better ideas about different types of databases is very much important for developers. So you should have good knowledge about these databases and should develop the ability to work with them.


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